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Charcuterie Board Plans Now Available

Posted by Shane Dennehey on

DIY Charcuterie board plans

My DIY plans for Charcuterie Boards are available now! Putting these plans together was my most ambitious project to date. They guide you through making 12 specific boards, but you can mix and match styles to make infinite possibilities.

Experience Level: Beginner
Time Investment: 2 hours to build jig, 20 minutes each after 

Here's a list of the tools needed to take the project on:



Band saw or scrollsaw

Orbital sander

Tape measure


Wax pencil for dark woods

100-Grit sandpaper

150-Grit sandpaper

220-Grit sandpaper

Safety glasses

Dust mask

Optional Tools

Glue-line rip blade—page 6

Bar clamps—page 6

Packing tape—page 6

Wood glue—page 6

Rag—page 6

Water bowl—page 6

Sanding belt—page 7

Spray adhesive—page 7

1/4-inch round over router bit—page 8

Flush trim router bit—page 8

Rasp—page 8

Drill motor—page 10

1-inch paddle bit—page 10

3/16-inch drill bit—page 11

3/4-inch paddle bit—page 13

Mora Carving Knife—Page 21

1/4-inch drill bit—page 25

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